TopicThe Siberian Traps - History of Research

  • Wed 23rd Sep 2020 - 10:46pm

    It is widely recognized that Aleksander Czekanowski (Chekanovsky) discovered the Siberian Traps during his expeditions to northern and eastern Siberia in the 1870s. Czekanowski was born in Krzemieniec in Poland in 1833. He studied natural sciences, especially geology, at the University of Kyiv. In 1863 he was implicated in the Polish Uprising and was exiled to Siberia. Despite the harsh conditions he maintained his interest in geology, and moved to the Irkutsk region, from where he led several major expeditions into remote areas of Siberia, including an expedition into the Tunguska region.


    For his contributions to Russian geology, in 1870 Czekanowski was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Geographical Society. In March 1876 he was allowed to move to and live in St Petersburg, working as a museum curator. After being allowed a brief visit to his family in Poland, shortly after his return to Russia he became ill and died in September 1876. Czekanowski has a Russian mountain range named after him and is lauded as a famous scientist in his country of birth. Read more at of Research.htm

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