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    "Teacher, does the telephone beat impassability and how do?"The Cui government has some the snob appeal of leader of class on the whole, in front in consideration of the seriousness of problem. "I just went out to once see and probably also had heavy rain very much Anthony Davis Kentucky Jersey, and accumulated water very deep, doesn't go.What ghost the weather, really unlucky, I teacher's career camped and then ruined like this for the first time." Many people because the condition of current mess blames on a third party Liao to learn a soldier in the body:If not that you suggest to camp, are we how can and so miserably? "Teacher, the foods were all washed away by water, we ate what ah?"This is indeed as expected nerve-racking problem, lake water's overflowing slowly doesn't back, the second rain-storm will go to, if the circumstance is too bad, may surround top very much several days, 46 students depend what gain a living?Does the telephone stirs not to go out Ben Simmons Lsu Jersey,waits dead?"Everyone has peace of mind to wait here, I go out to move reinforcements."Liao learns the soldier knows meeting 1 with Cui government and swayed to leisurely sway to leisurely go out.The most people returns soundly asleep in the dreamland this time.How many persons and the Cui government walk to the entrance to cave together and learns a soldier with Liao similar, together and together pour to take out a cool spirit, in the city what once saw like this exaggerated of flood disaster?At this time personally face, just know that they have at the mid-night how much lucky, lead at teacher Liao under find out one one so good cave.The Cui government stretches feet to want that trying and seeing water is deep, didn't expect plop 1 drops to pour water an inside, unexpectedly and together neck but deep!He nervously starts to climb and says:"The teacher is going to seek reinforcements, is he how to go out?" Existing to the future prospects is unknown and in fear, they return to look for person amount of company in hole, but how also can not figure out a good way.After about two hours, the color of the sky is more and more dark, at 10:00 A.M. clock, nearly stretch hand to disappear five fingers in the hole.The entrance to cave rings out a step voice, "is teacher Liao back!"Is public to all hope to go toward the entrance to cave, Liao learns a soldier to slowly trail a step, the facial expression is an unspeakable fatigue Carmelo Anthony Syracuse Jersey.Everyone was original and then dided not hope that he brings back what good news, saw this appearance, is also disappointment. "The classmates tidy up thing quickly and leave with me.""What?Walk to where?This appearance walks?"None of many people believes his/her own ear. "Teacher Liao, do we how walk?Outside of water is very deep.""Put away thing, follow me be."The Cui government runs to the outside and stopped more than 20s small fishing boat on the lake noodles!That kind of the black Peng ship of Chiang-Nan water country orthodox school, carve wood grain, waterfowl pattern on the hull, the bilge spreads with the wooden board, if ever seep into, the berth can't bedew, either, the flank having still hangs a fish hamper.Each one all stands on board a fisherman.Is really magic, is he how to swim across this lake to find out fishing boat in two hours?No matter how it is say, save.Everyone picks up good thing to arrive at on board, each ship is two people, the Mu permits blue fall persistence and teacher always together Derrick Rose Memphis Jersey.The rest is casually.The black Peng ship is like similar Piao of leaf, as the speed laceration of the arrows wave, not and in a short while arrive at the eastern side of lake, pull in to shore touch and go, here be apart from railroad tracks not arrive 200 meters.Liao learns a soldier to take out quilt rain drenching again dried of wrinkly Ba expect of the cigarette pass to the fisherman, thousand boon ten thousand. "If not that listenning to you say that the students all trap here, can't I just come."Say for the fisherman of head, clip his cigarette in carrying on the back ear, from the dress Dou in draw out two cigars, send a to old Liao:"Newly arrived Havana cigar, USD 20 are a , try how is flavor?"Liao learns a soldier to almost want to cry bitterly:Connect fishes to get shrimp of all more violent than me, this life still true need not again keep on mixing, be disgraced. Old Liao once twists a face and drank a way to the student:"Still thank big uncles not and quickly?"These student from be born a beginning and then don't worry to eat the sorrow don't wear, think be saved is a naturally, haven't learned thanksgiving, some people whisper a way towards saying Xie Zi feeling doing not don't wish, :"What good of, don't sit a with the wind ship?"When he sees Liao learn a soldier Yin Yu must soon drop the face for bleeding, had to eldest brother to not and to heart's content say a voice thanks.Public lucky survivor, just etc. was a tramcar, rain then the Xi Xi Li Li bottom got up!However their mood already no longer be like just come so excitement, a stuffy head bird sit idly, wait for returning to medium sea City can go home to take a bath well Gordon Hayward Butler Jersey, the United States the United States sleep ascend a feel.Arrive station to get off, everyone respectively scatters, Liao learns a soldier already tired get too ridiculous, besides lose quite a few 100 pieces of oceans, in the heart of distress hard make up, lie down and immediately fall asleep after returning to apartment.He had been sleeping till at the mid-night and receive the telephone of leaf small white:"The eldest brother comes to nightingale bar, someone wants to see you.""BE who want to see me?Is the skinheads' blessing original?Tell him, he already the not enough space saw me.""Be not, is a silly pressing thing to want to listen your to teach."", All right."A bone Lu climbs and wore piece clothes and sees beautiful female neighbor, Tan Zi Qing, in the building way, dress Piao beautiful bright, wear a supporter Chinese fir and miniskirt that peeps out smooth spine, he blew voice whistle:"Beauty dates to go to with boyfriend?"", Liao's eldest brother is you and several days be missing."Tan Zi Qing is a bit not natural.Liao learns a soldier to see her the desire don't fall into conversation with oneself, originally want to flirt some kind of, have to now a dozen of voices receive direct rush toward nightingale bar.Just don't arrive for half month, inside eyes Huan in bar however, change into an old classic buffet, the table of flank is also an all bulky oak creation, there is a cello hand on the side pulling trout , suddenly on seeing go, impressively is European style in 19th century.See to an owner indeed as expected listen to his opinion to carry on to change, in this way, the guest compares usually many 100% not only. "Elder brother Bing, here."Leaf in the corner small white dynasty he beckons with the hand.Receiving with owner in the bar is a , dynasty leaf the small white walk. Oak table side top the leaf is small white Ja Morant Murray State Jersey, also living face by 2, besides which, , an among those pour to calculate not ascend too unfamiliar, seem to where once see.See his Shi Shi however walk, 2 people hurriedly the station rise and respectully say:"Elder brother Bing, how are you."Old Liao's in the mind is interrogative, in front once stretch hand go to together he a hold:"Who are you ?Is the tonight what you seek me?" "BE, BE, BE, elder brother Bing, have a little small misunderstanding, originally want to ascend an apology in person, however still invite here good.I also at north the city is just to get along, the other people all call my rattlesnake."That person nods to admire a waist to invite him to sit on the head up.There is a rules in river's lake that wins sea City, if 4 people sit at the same table, noodles the seat of the south is called chief, only identity most the talented person of can sit.Liao learned soldier's honesty to Don't mention it sit down, "you also sit, rattlesnake, I once listenned to your name, you were the eldest brother of snake regiment, said, seek me to have what matter?" Those 2 people are tiny to bend from the waist, dynasty he orders to just dare to sit down.The snake regiment is a north city well-known thieves and burglars group, the hooligan is a violent group, usually have no friendly intercourse with them. The rattlesnake says:"Elder brother Bing, a few days ago you throw to lose in the circle lake road of the electric power car is my[one] under charge that grows an eye to take go to of, specially compensate offense to you today." "Compensate offense?Play trick?Rattlesnake?"All of these 2 people are that the green noses faces are swollen, obviously ate many sufferings, the leaf small white found out them to also put forth some kind of efforts, perhaps twos are black to help have already opened fight a quite a few field, result Yao, the nature is a snake regiment to lose. Rattlesnake the table descend another person's right hand take out, put on the table's top and compensate to say with smile:"Elder brother Bing, I the younger brother that doesn't grow an eye have already been carried out domestic discipline."Sees that right hand together wrist but breaks and wrapped a lot of bandages. Old Liao's finger has rhythm ground to knock table's top, the rattlesnake sees him disagreeing and continuing to say:"Elder brother Bing, your treasure car has already turned a hand quite a few turn, don't come back, we the snake group there are moreover also 100,000 pieces toward the motorcycle that you compensate the latest style, hope that you accept kindly."

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