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    Each under charge of hooligan is so malicious, the elder brother Bing who wears black frame glasses and stays calm and collecteds is like also the wolf that is covered with sheepskin, rattlesnake doubt oneself can be on the hoof to come out this bar, he the Nie Ru write to say:"In fact, in fact, 100,000 pieces are just ex- to expect, since this month till next year, we the snake group will show filial obedience 10,000 pieces for you monthly ……" He takes out a password box from the table bottom and presses the number to open, a tie firm banknotes of newness to occur in the moment:"Elder brother Bing, money is here, there are also motorcycle key and the voucher of falsification, I have already put car in the parking lot James Harden Arizona State Jersey, the Hally motorcycle in silver gray, there is no license plate.""OK, I agreed."Liao learns a soldier to hear Hally motor, immediately eyes a bright, is the electric power car that hooligan's eldest brother opened quite a few for year, don't know drive how much person's joke, have finally canned save since today 1:00 face.Need rattlesnake after 2 people walk, Liao learns soldier's handle knob to stretch toward the password box, leaf small white Pa ground press close code of box of, way:"Do the quite a few brotherses all squat down in son in the bureau, tomorrow still need to hand over money to take to protect to await trial, eldest brother, you were a teacher and also feared to have no money flower?" "I, I ……" Liao learns the soldier once delivered poison Shi in many brothers in fronts, how can lose a face, the Yang noodles roars with laughter a way:"Yes, do I how can lack this small money?Stop worrying, use these 100,000 pieces of make out brotherses all, then issue a cash award."And leaf the small white infused small wine of several cups, or so have no matter, the in the mind remembers a new car and then took leave to go out. The underground parking lot of the sparrow mansion inside, ray obscure, a few white economy energy lights shine on person's face Yin miserably and miserably of, Liao learns a soldier to walk into all the way, the shoes heel Kou shot cement ground, at lead send out the response of the Mao of Mao Mao in way.Surroundings of the car stop full vehicle, one is beautiful to go to pole of the silvery motorcycle is quiet quiet stand still at lead way the center, the handle bars hand is high towering to rise Jimmy Butler Marquette Jersey, the dial of car head one row nicety, generous of the fuel tank tie up dazzling metal spider's web wood grain, double motor, the cushion is a black leather, decorous tire, the steel turn is airtight to tie up to round, the end of the tail hangs a metal casket.The carriage has two meters around five long, be rated as the jumbo in the motorcycle, whole present streamlined, allow who a have a liking for go to will feel this car have already grown a difference usually invade sex and explosion dint.Before this motorcycle, parking lot any sedans are all covered up by its brilliance, Liao learns a soldier even and neglected to have personal station beside and very politely waiting. "Elder brother Bing, you came and rang elder brother Wei to make me wait you here."That person bends the body to try to please ground to say with smile. ", Are you also a snake regiment?You how recognize I?"Liao learned a soldier to walk over to grasp a handle bars hand, very a burst of conjecture, this car is too perfect, more see more is a sincerity, is not praised highly by Ze Ze "Rang elder brother Wei to once say your appearance with me.Elder brother Bing, you see, the Hally of this latest style's wearing the motorcycle of Wei Sen is what we snake regiment show filial obedience you.The car in"that person sees the happy expression that Liao learn a soldier's eyes inside Kemba Walker Uconn Jersey, the at heart falls in a piece of big stone, " just came over from the United States smuggle, if was being a regular outlet incoming, at least wanted more than U.S. dollar 40,000!The domestic has no 1 style is homology to it, its frame is extremely hard, shape classic, luxurious, you see, the handle bars hand is to inset up with the silver, the protection cover of headlight is used a crystal to create before the car but become, but its cushion is to beat the grinding with the crocodile skin, very imposing, it is the emperor king in the motorcycle." The rattlesnake is obviously sent one under charge that the salesman is from to be responsible for explication and just made reference to a half, Liao learned a soldier the no time for waiting have already acrossed to sit up and hanged the file to zero and start to beat a big accelerator test of motor Ning motor, hugely bellow an earthquake the ground raise dust. "Elder brother Bing, the weight of this car is 385 kilograms Kevin Durant Texas Jersey, the amount of exhaust is a 1450 ccs, can output 206 horsepowers when the motor attains 10,000 to turn, and the tallest speed per hour can reach to more than 200 kilometers."That person says with smile and sees to the eldest brother of hooligan very satisfied to this car, returning to can hand over well bad."Does this car have a word?"", According to its factory label, up say that it is called'thunder and lightning'." Liao's learning soldier's early years is also a member of the Mao car clan and acquaint with very to the motorcycle function, just a little the check discovers to have no problem breakdown and says with smile:"Say a thanks to the rattlesnake for me, an electric power bicycle changes a best Hally and earned."Is loose to open to leave to match, Ning Ning accelerator, "thunder and lightning" such as breeze Chi electricity the Qing sort hurtled to go out, that announcer's hand still takes in the rear seat, was immediately taken by the huge dint to turn a turn, and plop one falls down in the ground. He climbs to wave hand to shout loudly a way:"Elder brother Bing hasn't ascended a card!Carefully be handed over Jing to block!"But Liao's learning a soldier early don't know where went and get empty to leave to together spread gradually of thick smoke.This speed, this felling, absolutely top-grade Kyrie Irving Duke Jersey, Liao learns a soldier to run fast on the highway of Vinaceous Rosefinch avenue and limits speed inside the city, the car of avenue flows also many, he may may arrive 60 to exceed, the car is even and steady, have no half cent to rock.The breeze late blows the hair keep to turn over backward, the dress Shan hunts but rings, in the mind of generous basically need not again say. The tree, street light and pedestrian moves by leap and bound and backward and roves around to wear a line on the street in night, it is pleasing to would be to drive a sedan to also have no at this time him."Probably, I should change whole body foppery just to ……really is like a knight!Or should lend to play for several days for old president, let him play power and prestige in Smith's madam's in front." "In this way, leaf small white and south the younger brother's car should call it as garbage." Return to apartment, is still to suppress don't live an excitement of feeling, once in a very long while difficult sleep. Meanwhile, at Tong city road, two classes of grade one form master teacher six truly reach of home. Only a bed, a desk and one set computer Larry Bird Indiana State Jersey, rings to split in room inside Pa of the keyboard pound a voice, six truly reach to with rapt attention stare at a screen, fear to leave out to deliver to come over in MSN of each writing. He just at and the mysterious net friend who claims to be his student is "small" to chat not as well happy, the finger up and down turns over to fly, excited status' keeping still has never faded away for three hours. "Younger sister, you tell the elder brother your name quickly, the elder brother can can't wait for."Six truly reach face up hang stupid silly smile-if someone get to the Internet to attain for more than six hours every day, in the reality and then hardly communicate with others, would be so one vice- abnormal facial expression. "Good elder brother, you how still can not guess till now I is who?I have a class to all look at you every day."Small novel. Is it Lin Xiang that draw?Can secretly touch her hand in the hallway yesterday, she hurriedly the handle knob retracted and seemed again and seemed not BE.Six truly reach temporarily hesitant difficult definitely, "good younger sister, you don't want again appetite of mourning the elder brother." If have one the person who acquaints with six to truly reach see him this several segments dialogue, only afraid the chins will drop out, old six seriously morally upright in the office, discreet in speech and manner, peacetime if have who open to take to have a Hun color of fun, he will also kiss however upset, unexpectedly steep a girl in network unexpectedly like this a good talker, most exaggerate of is use a phrase disgusting, the Dia must make the public sour. If the computer of another part, is a firm horsetail plait, youth Jiao the young girl of the Qiao, is exactly the student whom Liao learns a soldier shell Xiao Dan, she sees "affectionate Piao guest" six truly reach, the unbearable Yan mouth laughs:"Teacher Liao unexpectedly so stuffy Sao, too have fun.Luckily have never let four eyes they know teacher Liao's MSN number."

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