TopicHow to solve coinbase account recovery problem

  • Thu 29th Aug 2019 - 10:12am

    When you are trading the cryptocurrency, you want everything to go according to plan. This is the reason you choose one of the best platforms to trade. Coinbase is one in every of the most straightforward platforms that are employed by the individuals to get the cryptocurrency safely. But in doing so, you might face some problem like forgetting the Coinbase account password. So knowing the Coinbase account recovery process can be very helpful for you. This involves collateral your identity and thus removing 2FA from your account. Once remodelled, you'll re-enable 2FA. This process is the slowest of the three listed here, and it took several business days between supplying the information and gaining access again. To reset your account, Coinbase requires a photo of you with your government-issued identity, like the other exchanges. You can submit this exposure through Coinbase's online portal. However, it's not machine-driven. Once reset, Coinbase enables SMS-based authentication if you still have access to your mobile device.

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