TopicApplication -ACCEPTED-

  • Tue 17th Feb 2015 - 2:23am

    Location: North Carolina

    Birthdate *Under 14 Not Accepted*: 02/27/1991

    Sex: male

    Gamertag / Handle *Please list all that apply*: x Zosimos

    Platforms you play on *Please list all that apply*: xbox 1

    Twitter Handle: @x_ZosiMos or Address:

    YouTube Channel Address: n/a

    Tell us anything else you would like for us to know: super active very friendly and have some leadership qualities 

  • Tue 17th Feb 2015 - 2:45am

    Your application has been accepted.

    Welcome to Salvo Gaming! Please take the time to make an introduction post and tell the community about yourself.  Get involved on the forums and start playing games with the other members!  

    Glad to have you with us!


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